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Healthier Nail Care

Ren Nail Studio specializes in a new style of nail care that is better for you and better for your nails: pure, waterless, gentle, natural nail care.

A healthy alternative to conventional nail care, slowly emerging in pockets across the US, now available right here in Apex, North Carolina.

The local expert on waterless manicures and waterless pedicures.


All services are waterless, meaning instead of using a tub of water we wrap your hands or feet in a luxurious warm towel.  If you thought warm water was the height of pampering, just wait until you’ve experienced a warm towel.  In addition to feeling great, waterless manicures and waterless pedicures better prepare your nails for painting so your service lasts longer, they reduces water usage, and they eliminates the most common pathway in a salon for germs to spread.


Ren Nail Studio uses only Dazzle Dry polish and CND Shellac gel, avoiding the most severe odors and toxins that are prevalent throughout the nail care industry.



Oncology Trained

Services use gentle products, in many cases hypoallergenic.  Services are gentle on the skin, the nails, and the cuticles.

Cleaning and sanitizing procedures for tools and surfaces are meticulous.  And you can breathe easily in the clean air.  Ren Nail Studio does not use dip or monomer.  

Trained by Oncology Spa Solutions to provide nail care appropriate for oncology patients. A sensitive and compassionate environment where your specific situation will be listened to and adjustments to services will be made to accommodate by a knowledgeable nail tech.

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